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Technology has evolved dramatically since the inception of the "home video". Video cassettes have been a long-time favourite medium for storing memories in motion video format. Unfortunately, each time we playback, fast forward or rewind through the cassette, the quality of the tape degrades significantly. Even if the tape is not played at all, the natural environment in which it is stored will compromise it's longevity.

Motionography Media is proud to offer Video Transfer and duplication services. We'll create an exact digital copy of any VHS tape - or - we can combine the footage with additional video and photos for a new take on an "old classic".

We offer an interesting video delivery option, which allows you to include distant friends or relatives from around the world as part of your viewing audience .. made possible via Web Broadcast of your video. We'll provide all you need to share your video online! And for another great idea - why not present your family or friends with a gift certificate for Video Transfer at their next birthday or anniversary celebration?

Transfer your old video to DVD - available at $25 per hour of footage and includes the DVD!  Give us a call to see what we can do for you.